Dedication Has No Limitation

CHARGER - Intra Workout 760g
CHARGER - Intra Workout 760g
CHARGER - Intra Workout 760g
CHARGER - Intra Workout 760g

CHARGER - Intra Workout 760g

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Stamina has no limitation! Workout has no limitation!

Intra-workout flavoured powder supplement with carbohydrate, BCAA, L-carnitine and Vitamin C.

  • Carbohydrate complex: with 2 kinds of carbohydrates • with 2:1:1 ratio BCAA content
  • with L-carnitine
  • with Vitamin C
  • Low sugar content*
  • Gluten-free


Ulisses inspires millions of people to reach their goals. During the 20 years he has been active in bodybuilding, Ulisses managed to build an incredibly harmonious yet massive amount of muscle. This is why many celebrities ask him to help them reach a perfect shape. The time has come for you to be also partaking of this knowledge. Together with BioTechUSA Ulisses created Charger, the intra-workout formula of the Ulisses Series, which combines the sportman’s experience in bodybuilding and the professional skills of the premium brand acquired in the field of dietary supplements.


“Persistence and faith in yourself will be your most important companions in the road leading to the accomplishments of your aims. Challenges that seem to be insurmountable and demanding situations are common for those who desire more and are willing to take action for it! But with proper motivation and appropriate support nothing is impossible, which is one of the reasons why it was important for me to create such an intra-workout formula that is sure to help you. I feel we have managed to create the support that gives me courage to take on even my more extreme workouts.” Ulisses Jr.


Components include Carbohydrate Complex, BCAA amino acids, L- Carnitine and Vitamin C, each of which can be excellent companions in themselves during a hard workout!

Carbohydrate Complex

Carbohydrate Complex is a complex substance composed of two types of carbohydrates with different glycemic indexes. The unit made up of complex carbohydrates supports the energy providing processes ideally during a workout.

BCAA amino acids

BCAA amino acids (leucine, isoleucine, valine) belong to the group of essential amino acids. This means your body is incapable of producing these in itself and needs food or supplements to get these essential nutrients, so it is very important to supply these from an external source in appropriate volume and ratio.

In Charger these amino acids are present in a natural ratio also occurring in muscle (2:1:1). They enhance one another’s effects superbly for muscle building and muscle retention.


The most popular diet-supporting active ingredient is L-Carnitine, which is an amino acid containing compound available in the human body. Since carnitine is a component of the fatty acid transport system, the energy contained in fats becomes available through this, i.e. it is necessary for fat to be converted into energy.

Vitamin C

The Vitamin C contained in the product contributes to regular energy producing processes of metabolism, to reducing fatigue and exhaustion and to the protection of the cells against oxidative stress.

Like all BioTech USA products, Ulisses Charger consists of safe and carefully selected ingredients.

Packaging size:

760 g bottle (20 servings)



In 1 serving (38 g):

  • 30 g carbohydrate complex
  • 4000 mg BCAA in 2:1:1 ratio
  • 1000 mg L-Carnitine L-tartarate
    • of that: L-Carnitine 680 mg
  • 80 mg Vitamin C

I recommend Charger if you:

  • want to shape your body
  • need a little extra persistence for your workouts
  • for athletes of combat sports, endurance athletes, for CrossFit workouts
  • those who like powdered meals

Recommended use:

Mix one serving of powder (38 g = 1 heaped scoop = 2 heaped tablespoons) with 500 ml of water, in a shaker. Take one serving during your workout.

*The statement applies to products dissolved in water and ready to consume.